For the love of Digital Photography

The Internet provides many opportunities for competition in defined categories with photographers from all over the globe. In these places communities are born where young and old, amateur and professional come together to share their passion for photography and digital art.

A few of the sites where I compete regularly are Digital Image Cafe, Digital Photo Nut, Shutterbugs, Better Photo, and Bestfoto. You may want to visit these to see the incredible artistry displayed every day.

Usually a contest site will chose one winner in each of several categories every day...called POTDs (Photos of the Day). Some sites have only one open contest winner per day. Often there will be Best of Category winners at the end of the month and sometimes an overall "best of show".

I've chosen some of my personal POTD's for this gallery. I hope you enjoy them. You are welcome to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments.

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Scenic Still Life Macro Digital Art

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